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Hello, LJ! I hope that whatever you celebrate this time of year, it's been wonderful and happy and warm! I had a lovely Christmas with my parents and a fun Boxing Day exchanging presents with my friends, as per tradition. I feel very grateful and very blessed to have lots of cool things in my life, including all of you here on the internets who know me, talk to me, hang out with me, laugh with me and read this LJ. Here's to a happy and healthy 2009!

I'm currently cleaning and packing to spend this next week and New Years with likeaspark and her family. I'm excited and I think it should be a lot of fun.

I know I keep saying this, but I really, really, really am going to reply to everyone's comments on my Twilight entry! True story: when I've been cooking or wrapping or just driving down the street, I am mentally composing replies in my head with all the thoughts I have. I think I'll have some time on my trip, yay book discussions!

Happy birthday wildfirelies. I love you bunches.
i can't believe you don't shut up


Almost two years ago I put together a picspam of my 30 favorite Ryan/Brendon pictures at the time. I occasionally still get comments on the post. I got this one yesterday:

omg u haterz of panic at the dont get the whole story.duh!!if u had video then i might believe u but i think they were just acting and singing.let me just clear one thing patd haterz. brendon urie and ryan ross r NOT gay.get that in ur little haterz brain.ok?and on the picture where u think that its ryan with the make up it could be anyone and on the one that u said that if it was gay prom or gay wedding its neither its like an interview in nyc duh.and the unclear ones its not wat u put on there.and the one that u said that they r holding hands u cant tell who it is on the other side.duh.and dont call it the gayest show on earth cuz its not!!!so shut up!!!u dont know anything about u better shut the fuck up u little fuckin bitch.maybe ur gay and u want to bring peoplez down with u and i u arent then u better stop talkin shit about patd.thats all i hav 2 say bitches.

... okay, then!

Everyone who replied to my Twilight post, get ready! I am so stoked to reply to comments and talk with you all about Edward Sparkle.
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I had a big long post of emo typed up and then I deleted it because I figure, it's the holidays, and I don't want to be that person who whines and complains and vents about stupid things. I love my family, I love my friends, I'm doing well in school, I have a good life. Those are things worth focusing on.

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ps: I'm really enjoying Folie A Deux, in a different way than I enjoyed Infinity On High, I think.
sam hee!

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Me: Make sure you [and C] both get a chance to watch SNL as soon as possible -- according to the east coast, there's a surprise guest of AWESOME who I won't spoil.
miss_saigon: Man, I don't know if anything could top Jordan Knight having his shirt blown open by a wind machine on stage, but we will definitely watch it.
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Home from Rock Band Live. UGH SO GOOD. My ears are still ringing and I'm still a little keyed up from the show, so I'm just doing some last minute packing for Vegas in the morning. Ideally I would like to be in bed within the next ten minutes. However, someone posted a three part Ryan/Brendon picspam so... HAH.

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Also, an important belated birthday wish! Happy birthday callmedirk! I hope it was awesome, sweetie. IGYB,Y!
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so damn beautiful, justin invests in j.lo's glo

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The month of October may just kill me (in the best possible way, of course).

In terms of concerts, here is my tentative schedule:

Panic in Las Vegas - October 9th
Panic in Salt Lake - October 16th
Justin Timberlake in Las Vegas - October 17th*
Cobra Starship in Salt Lake - October 21st
Cobra Starship in Las Vegas - October 31st

*IF I can get tickets. I imagine that they're going to sell out fairly quickly and all I can do is hope my fingers are faster than someone else's! My friend Brian works for the company that owns Planet Hollywood so he's going to try to hook me up with his discount so that I can stay there since that's where the show is being held. I'm wondering who "and Friends" includes other than, like, Timbaland.

I'm not a member of Northern Downpour (ugh, self!) so I can't do pre-sale tomorrow and I'm feeling pretty zen about that. I'm a little bit slightly wee concerned about not being able to get a good ticket for Vegas, but it's all GA anyway, right? I mean in various weird pool venue GA forms? I want actual seats for Salt Lake so I'm not too fretful about that one. I was planning on heading out to LA the day after the Vegas date to see Panic again there, but I'd really, really, really like to go to the Justin concert so I think I'm going to have to pass on LA. Man, I just need to live in Las Vegas this October!

Also happening probably the first weekend of October (if we can make it work) is a fall/my birthday visit to Philly to see likeaspark. I'll also be seeing her and wildfirelies and ghettogreta in less than two weeks and I am SO super stoked and excited for that. I've never been to another city as many times as I've been to Philadelphia, but Las Vegas is certainly catching up! Yes, I actually keep track of the number of times I've been to big cities /o\
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I am planning to do my part as a fan to vote extensively for Panic in their VMA nomination because I would really, really dislike to see them lose to the Jonas Brothers. I hate the Jonas Brothers. Here are two (somewhat admittedly irrational) reasons why:

1. I work as a Guide for ChaCha* and I get asked on a frequent basis who the Jonas Brothers are dating. I get asked who Selena Gomez is dating so that it will open up a discussion about the Jonas Brothers. I get asked if Miley Cyrus and whichever Jonas are still together or if they ever were together or will they be together in the future? I get asked if I think the Jonas Brothers are cute. I get asked questions like "Will Joe Jonas marry me?" "Is Nick Jonas a virgin?" "Can you give me the phone number of the Jonas Brothers?" I wish someone would ask me, "On a scale of 1 to 10, how ridiculous is it that the Jonas Brothers are on the cover of Rolling Stone?" Answer? 11.

2. The Jonas Brothers bassist's bash-y blog about Panic At The Disco. Don't get me wrong, people are allowed to criticize and dislike the band. That's totally fine. We all have different tastes and opinions and that's cool. It was the way in which he chose to do it, sounding so arrogant and pompous and self-righteous, like he above anyone else knows what amazing music is. Um. YOU'RE A JONAS BROTHER, DUDE. Come give us sparkling pearls of wisdom about originality when you do something outside of the cookie cutter Disney box.

So yeah. I would love nothing more than to see Panic win just because I'm petty like that. :-[

Also, I really like David Archuleta's new song. It's really, really catchy, and just the kind of "poppy" that I enjoy. I drove by Murray High yesterday and they have this huuuuuge banner of him up on the side of the school. If I hadn't been in busy traffic I would have tried to snap a picture of it for all the Archuleta girls I have on my FL.

*For anyone who doesn't know what ChaCha is, it's basically an answer service. You can text any question in the world ever to 242-242 (Cha-Cha) and an actual person on the other end at their computer will look up the answer and send it to you, citing a valid source. It's pretty fun! Guides get paid for every text query they answer and the program is super simple to use. It's also a free service so you can text as many questions as you like to them without getting charged for it.

eta: I would also like to see Panic win because I heart them a lot, but I figured that went without saying!
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also he can kill you with his brain

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I just played Dance Dance Revolution for the very first time. I am not very good! During Fall Out Boy's Dance, Dance I was too distracted by the actual music video in the background. It was a lot of me being all "Yay! High school dance shenanigans!" and Trevor yelling at me to move my feet. /o\

It actually kind of reminds me of the time I was the coveted Napkin #29 in my high school production of Beauty And The Beast and I was probably the worst little dancer in the faux dining room. Two left feet, yay! Aww, I miss doing shows. Tell me dance/theater stories!
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